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Nutritional Consultant Near Newton, MA

Transform Alliance for Health Provides Weight Loss Programs with Support from a Certified Nutritional Consultant. Open 4 Days a Week We Are Conveniently Located at 150 California St, 2nd Floor, Newton, MA 02458. Call Us at (617) 762-5724 or Book an Appointment Online.

Nutritional Consultant Near Newton, MA

What is a nutritional consultant?

Nutritional consultants are educators in how the building blocks of different foods can and do affect the biology and overall wellbeing of an individual. Nutritional consultants help guide their patients to better, healthier eating habits and food intake for better health, but they will also consider individual bodily function. These distinctions can alter the way a person’s body will process food, often times much differently than that of another person. Nutritional consultants also help patients to develop healthy eating habits that promote a healthy metabolism, good immune response, and helping maintain a healthy body weight.

Why should I go to Transform Alliance for Health?

There are many reasons why you should talk to the nutritional consultants at Transform Alliance for Health. Just to name a few:

  • We will discuss and analyze with you your current eating habits
  • We will educate you about the importance of eating specific foods and nutrients
  • We have studied health history to help determine specific health requirements
  • We will work with you to develop an eating plan that will help promote your health and overall well being
  • We will educate you so you fully understand your daily nutritional requirements and your physical function

Who can benefit from visiting a nutritional consultant?

Virtually anyone can really benefit from visiting and working with a nutritional consultant. There are many different reasons why people choose to meet with one – whether they need a complete diet makeover, if they are looking for help in managing a diagnosed medical condition, want to better refine their food choices, or to even get inspiration for new and healthier food recipes. Often times it is best to schedule a nutritional consultation after having a check-up with your primary care provider. Your primary care doctor or physician will be sure to inform you whether you have any health conditions that can or need to be addressed with a nutritional adjustment. Conditions such as elevated blood sugar or cholesterol, or any blood pressure related issues.

While some patients come to Transform Alliance for Health for a nutritional consultation to learn more about how their food choices affect their health, others often times make an appointment at their doctor’s suggestion. The following are a few conditions that can benefit specifically from changes in diet:

  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Allergies
  • Diabetes and pre-diabetic conditions
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Overweight and obesity
  • Pregnancy

How many appointments will I need?

The majority of patients will schedule two to three sessions. If the patient is ready and eager to learn and incorporates some adjustments into their diet and lifestyle, that is often the start to set them on the right path. But, some people, however, like the accountability of having to set up monthly visits until they feel in control of their new and improved habits. It is not unusual for patients to schedule a follow up about a year or two after the initial consultation to review their goals and progress or to seek help getting back on the right track.

Our nutritional consultants at Transform Alliance for Health are ready to help you today. We are conveniently located near you at 150 California St, 2nd Floor, Newton, MA 02458. Call us for any questions you need help answering or to schedule your appointment at (617) 762-5724.