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Obesity & Metabolic Health Treatment Q & A

If you are suffering from obesity or metabolic disorders such as diabetes, high blood pressure and fatty liver, please contact Transform Alliance for Health today. Our experienced doctors will work with you to improve your metabolic health & maintain it. Please call us for more information or request an appointment online. We serve patients from Newton MA, Watertown MA, Waltham MA, Needham MA, Belmont MA and Brookline, MA.

Obesity & Metabolic Health Treatment Q & A

Obesity affects millions of people in the U.S. There are many health complications due to obesity that can adversely affect many areas of your life. If you or someone you know is suffering from obesity in the Newton, MA area, please contact our office to book an appointment or visit us online to book a consultation. It’s time to discover a healthier you!

What do you call a doctor who specializes in obesity?

Bariatric physician: A physician practicing bariatrics, the sector of medicine study that is concerned with weight loss. Also called a bariatrician. The terms are used interchangeably, and either are accepted. The American Society of Bariatric Physicians says that: “There are guidelines that provide suggestions for the first and following visits of the bariatric patient. The guidelines aren’t meant to exchange, and indeed cannot replace, the bariatrician’s judgment regarding a specific patient’s treatment.” A bariatric physician is a licensed Doctor of Medicine (MD), or Doctor of Osteopathy (DO), who specializes in medical weight management. Weight loss can be treated by Bariatric physicians. Bariatric physicians most often treat their patients with a good nutritional diet, physical activity, behavioural therapy, appropriate medications and or many of those treatments combined. A weight loss surgeon may be a medical doctor who is trained in surgical methods that address obesity. If you are thinking about weight loss surgery, you ought to speak to a bariatric surgeon to help you prep for surgery by helping you lose weight, controlling your blood sugar levels and blood pressure before your surgery.

What is the best treatment for obesity?

The best things on could do to treat obesity is to eat a healthy, reduced-calorie diet and exercise regularly. To do this you should: eat a balanced, calorie-controlled diet as recommended by your general practitioner or weight loss management health care provider (such as a dietitian). Joining a weight loss group in the area you live will allow you to find a community of passionate and likeminded individuals that all help support one other. Your doctor may also recommend prescription medication or surgery. Managing obesity is about improving your overall health, not just about losing weight. To help fight obesity, support a friend struggling with obesity. Be positive and give positive feedback. Let your loved ones know how much you care about them no matter their size. Actively participate in their program. Cheer them on, but don’t coach. Encourage physical activities such as going for walks, playing sports or outdoor games. Celebrate their losses. Don’t judge and be accepting. Be supportive of all areas of their life. Understand their weight loss program.

What are the causes for obesity?

The most common causes of obesity include physical inactivity, overeating, genetics, a diet high in simple carbohydratess, eating too often, medications, psychological factors, diseases such as hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, polycystic ovary syndrome, and Cushing’s syndrome are also contributors to obesity. Fortunately, obesity can often be reversed, and therefore the chances of developing other medical conditions are greatly reduced. Diet and exercise are the foremost effective, long-term solutions to reversing morbid obesity.

 If you are suffering from obesity or metabolic disorders such as diabetes, high blood pressure and fatty liver, please contact Transform Alliance for Health today. Our experienced doctors will work with you to help you improve your metabolic health. Please call us to schedule a free orientation. Or you can conveniently book an appointment on our website. Our clinic is conveniently located at 150 California St, 2nd Floor, Newton, MA 02458. Transform Alliance for Health would we would be happy to see you and help you get started on your new journey today!