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Phoenix Program for Physicians in Newton, MA

Phoenix Program for Physicians in Newton, MA

Please Give Us a Call to Learn More About Transform Alliance for Health’s Phoenix Program for Physicians.

Phoenix Program for Physicians at Transform Alliance for Health Newton, MA
Phoenix Program for Physicians at Transform Alliance for Health Newton, MA

Rise from the ashes of burnout and rekindle the flame for your life’s journey

In 2015, the Medscape Physician Lifestyle Survey revealed a 46% rate of burnout among physicians, up from 39.8% in 2013. The Mayo Clinic reported that 50% of physicians experience at least one symptom of burnout. In that same Mayo Clinic Study, 39% of physicians screened positive for depression and 7.2% of physicians had thoughts about suicide. The medical profession has the highest suicide rate of any profession, and roughly 400 physicians die from suicide each year. Those actively working in the healthcare field will no doubt find this not at all surprising. Increasing pressure to see more patients in less time and with fewer resources, plus a new push to dump more administrative duties to doctors, are just some of the reasons physicians are experiencing more stress and less satisfaction in their lives.

Often, when physicians experience burnout, they may feel they have fewer resources than their patients for getting care. This is due to a number of factors, including the fear of professional repercussions when seeking medical or psychiatric help, such as losing one’s credentialing privileges or license. (Have you ever wondered why your patient’s health history is confidential and protected by strict HIPAA laws, whereas your own medical history is made widely available to the public via the medical licensing process? Hmm–something to think about.)

How do you know if you’re burned out? Do you–

  • Experience physical, emotional and mental exhaustion?
  • Find yourself being critical (of yourself and or others) at work or in personal situations?
  • Hate going to work?
  • Find yourself getting angry or frustrated with your patients, colleagues or staff?
  • Experience anger/frustration/cynicism at the healthcare system?
  • Feel disillusioned about medicine?
  • Wish you had chosen another profession?
  • Feel boxed in or trapped with regards to your job?
  • Use drugs, alcohol, food or addictive behaviors to feel better or to numb out your feelings?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions, you are at high risk for burnout.

So how do we, as physicians, deal with our burnout and feelings of frustration with the healthcare system? Transform Alliance for Health’s Phoenix Program for Physicians, and other Healthcare Providers, aims to address this troubling issue. Some points about what you can expect from the program:

  • 6 week program followed by ongoing coaching and care
  • Discreet
  • Physician-designed and physician-led
  • Learn how to manage your energy for optimal performance in your personal and your professional life
  • Re-engage with your work
  • Design and implement your plan for change
  • Directed coaching aimed at improving life-work balance and work conditions
  • Focuses on practical applications that you can use in your daily life

One important area of healthcare that has been largely ignored is the care of providers. Transform Alliance for Health aims to change this through our Phoenix Program, which helps revitalize physicians in their personal and professional lives.

For more information/registration, please call.