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Pre-Surgical Optimization Program Questions and Answers

Are you looking for a pre-surgical optimization program? Talk to our team of healthcare professionals today at Transform Alliance for Health in Newton, MA about our integrative and holistic approach to healthcare. For more information, call us today or visit us online to book an appointment.

Pre-Surgical Optimization Program Near Me in Newton, MA
Pre-Surgical Optimization Program Near Me in Newton, MA

What is a Pre-Surgical Optimization Program?

A Pre-Surgical Optimization Program is designed to help prepare patients for an upcoming surgical procedure to ensure the patient has the best surgical experience possible. The program is designed to ensure the patient is as healthy as possible prior to their surgical procedure, as this will help aid in the recovery from surgery and an improved surgical outcome. Once a surgical procedure is booked, you will be contacted by a nurse specially trained in pre-surgical optimization to complete the process either over the phone or through an in-person appointment. The goal is to review your health status with you, get a list of current medications and supplements you are taking and understand any postoperative needs you have. This appointment is meant to prepare you and your family for your surgical procedure and answer any outstanding questions you may have leading up to the surgery, about the surgery itself or about the post-surgery recovery. It is also intended to ensure your health is top-notch going into the surgery, so the team will review any steps you need to take in the days or weeks leading up to your surgery to rectify or improve any outstanding health concerns that could impact the surgical procedure itself or the outcome of the surgery. Surgery can be very traumatic for the body, depending on the type of surgery being performed, but with some planning and preparation as part of the Pre-Surgical Optimization Program, you can ensure that the negative impacts to your body from the surgery are minimal through being properly prepared.

How does the Pre-Surgical Optimization Program work?

Your doctor or surgeon can provide more detailed specifics for your individual needs in the Pre-Surgical Optimization Program, but the goal of the program is to prepare you for your surgery by ensuring your health is the best it can be. You will have an appointment set prior to your surgery with a nurse or team of medical professionals who will review your medical history, your current medications and supplements and your overall state of health to understand any complications or conflicts that could affect your surgery. They will be able to provide recommendations of changes you can make in the time leading up to your surgery to ensure that the procedure itself goes as smoothly as possible and to minimize the negative side effects from the surgery. As surgery can be very hard on the body due to the trauma it causes, your doctor and the team inside the Pre-Surgical Optimization Program will want to help you reach your optimal health prior to your surgery. They can build out a preparation plan for you as well, outlining any medications or supplements that should be stopped and anything that could be added in to build up your system in preparation for the procedure.

What are the Benefits of the Pre-Surgery Optimization Program?

The Pre-Surgery Optimization Program is beneficial in helping patients prepare for surgical procedures both mentally and physically. Surgery can be a scary procedure as there are many unknowns but working with a Pre-Surgery Optimization team will ensure that your body is in the best physical state possible to handle the procedure and that you are mentally prepared for the procedure as well. The team will support you in the lead up to your surgery by building out a plan to reach optimal health, which will assist in the best possible outcome from your surgery. They can also help answer any questions or concerns you or your family has regarding your surgery and your recovery afterwards. The Pre-Surgery Optimization Program can also benefit patients who may otherwise not have been eligible for surgery as it helps them work through their risks to resolve them or minimize them enough that surgery becomes a feasible option.

For more information about the Pre-Surgical Optimization Program, call us and talk to or professionals. We serve patients from Newton MA, Watertown MA, Waltham MA, Needham MA, Belmont MA, and Brookline, MA.