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Intro of Transform Alliance for Health Newton, MA

Intro of Transform Alliance for Health Newton, MA

We Are Glad You Are Visiting Our Website & Hope We Can Be of Service to You.

Intro of Transform Alliance for Health Newton, MA
Intro of Transform Alliance for Health Newton, MA

Welcome, fellow colleagues

Transform’s Mission of re-imagining, re-designing and implementing new models of preventive care in the world in pursuit of our Vision to transform sick care to health care globally starts with the recognition of 6 main players in the health arena. We call them the 6 P’s:

  • Patient
  • Provider
  • Payer
  • Purchaser (employer)
  • Pharma
  • Policy

The most important 2 P’s of the 6 are also the least considered in real-life, practical terms: Patient and Provider. In the beginning was the unique relationship between patient and physician. A whole industrial complex has now been built around this relationship, oftentimes dwarfing the primacy of the patient-physician bond and giving mere lip-service to this key interaction (how many more times do we have to hear patient-centered care from people who have no idea what that means on the frontlines? How many more meaningless patient surveys will we be subjected to?).

The Alliance is intent on reclaiming the importance of the patient-provider relationship. As such, we have the following fundamental beliefs and practices:

  • Decisions are based upon patient-provider needs
  • We support providers in giving the best care possible to their patients–and themselves
  • Administration exists to serve the patient-provider interaction, not to dictate any aspects of that interaction. (Indeed, no administrator would have a job without the provider.)
  • Healthcare organizations should be run by practicing clinicians who are invested in maximizing their patients’ outcomes over maximizing profit.
  • Physicians should be given leadership training to ensure they are well-equipped to lead and run healthcare organizations

We’re glad you’re visiting our website and hope we can be of service to you.

Open Classroom

In the Open Classroom, we have resources on preventive care that you may find helpful. If you use any of these resources, we ask that you credit Transform Alliance for Health appropriately.


In this section we have listed some chronic conditions we manage by addressing root cause diseases such as obesity. We have also listed some preventive programs that might be appropriate for your patients. We understand your time and resource constraints, and our job is to help you help your patients.


If you’d like to join a network of your peers, find strategies to deal with burnout (real ones that don’t insult you by telling you to join a yoga class or spend more time with your family), develop leadership skills, or you’re thinking about starting your own practice (good for you!), let us know and we’ll be in touch.

Finally, we’d like to urge you to join us in taking charge and reclaiming our field of medicine.

Be well,

The Shaman of Transform