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Occupational Health Services in Newton, MA

At Transform Alliance for Health, We Provide Exceptional Occupational Health Services to Your Employees. For More Information About Employer Health Services We Have to Offer, Please Call us or request an appointment online.

Occupational Health Services in Newton, MA

Your employees’ health is important. At Transform Alliance for Health, we understand the importance of health and safety in the workplace, and a major part of that is employer insurance coverage. Give your workers peace of mind with employee health benefits from Transform Alliance for Health. If you are an employer and are located in the Newton, MA area, please call us today or visit us online to book an appointment.

What do occupational health doctors do?

Occupational health doctors perform medical examinations for both new and existing employees in the workplace. Their main objective is to advise employers on the health of their employees and to make recommendations on any changes that could lead to a safer, healthier work environment for all employees. Their initial assessment typically lasts about 45 minutes and intends to collect ample information to provide an up-to-date, unbiased opinion pertaining to competence and readiness for perform specific tasks and the overall job description. Occupational health specialists provide medical aid and advice to workers with work-related illnesses and injuries. They also work with public health, regulators, businesses, and other occupational safety and health professionals to create safer workplaces.

What does an occupational health assessment involve?

The occupational health assessment is a thorough overview of an employee’s current medical status and their future ability to return to work in a successful manner. It should solely focus on the employees’ capacity to return to work, and should not include other non-health-related performance issues. The aim of the assessment is to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses by the education of safe working practices; ergonomics (the study of efficiency in the workplace) and; monitoring health in the workforce.

In addition to these objectives, occupational health services might also work with employers to implement new policies and ensure health and safety compliance; conduct preliminary health assessments; implement the promotion of health and educational programmes;          provide counselling to employees around non-health-related issues; provide employers with guidance in regards to efficacious adjustments to working conditions.

What questions do occupational health ask?

Occupational health physicians ask a variety of questions pertaining to your health, fitness and suitability. Their primary objective is to determine your working ability, and whether or not you are physically able to work. Some questions that a occupational health physician may ask are:

  • Is this employee medically fit to work in this role?
  • If absent due to illness, when will they likely be able to return to work?
  • Is a phased return recommended?
  • Is a review appointment recommended?
  • Are any adjustments required to help employees in their work?
  • Are there any limitations in what employees can do in their roles?
  • Are employees receiving the appropriate medical care and support?
  • Should any employee be considered for ill-health retirement?
  • Is the employee’s illness caused or aggravated by their work?
  • If any employee is taking medications, will they possibly impair the employee’s ability to perform safely and effectively?

Do occupational health doctors give employee personal information to the employer?

Employers cannot request an employee to disclose information about any health conditions that occur during employment. Employees may choose to volunteer information. If they do, the employer is required to make appropriate adjustments to support the employee in their work. No confidential or personal information from your occupational health medical record should be passed to any other person without your written consent, unless the disclosure is a requirement.

If you are looking for Occupational Health Services in the Newton, MA area, please book an appointment with Transform Alliance for Health at 150 California St, 2nd Floor, Newton, MA 02458 by calling us or visit us online at to book your appointment today!