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Weight Loss in Newton, MA

Medical Weight Loss Management Q & A

Looking for a weight loss center or doctor near you? Look no further! Dr. Vyvyane Loh & her team of medical providers offer medical weight loss programs that help you lose weight, improve your health & quality of life. For more details, please call us or book an appointment online. We serve patients from Newton MA, Watertown MA, Waltham MA, Needham MA, Belmont MA and Brookline, MA.

Weight Loss in Newton, MA
Weight Loss in Newton, MA

In 2013, the AMA declared obesity to be a chronic disease. Most healthcare providers agree and list ‘obesity’ on the patient’s Problem List. While we do agree that obesity is a chronic disease with many metabolic ramifications, our clinical approach at Transform Alliance for Health is to see it as the patient’s solution to a bigger problem. By this, we mean that chronic stress and emotional issues commonly lead to using food as a way to self-medicate or self-soothe. The visible end result–the patient’s weight–becomes the focal issue for their healthcare providers. For us, however, it is merely the physical manifestation of the patient’s internal struggle with his/her real problem. From this starting point, we work with our patients to uncover their deeper and often complex reasons for overeating and to take charge of their lives.

The key unique features of Transform Alliance for Health’s approach

  • Designed by a medical specialist with 17 years of experience in Obesity Medicine
  • Medical supervision through weekly medical monitoring and appropriate lab tests while on a rigorous nutrition plan aimed at changing your body’s metabolism
  • Average weight loss of 3-5 lbs a week with complete program adherence. The actual weight loss amount varies depending on the individual. (As a medical facility, we do not guarantee results, as there is no 100% in the medical world.)
  • Intensive behavioral therapy is addressing the emotional, social/cultural and physiological concerns related to overeating. Issues covered include shame, self-esteem, lack of control, etc.
  • 3 hours per week dedicated to turning your life around; each 3-hour session includes the medical visit, fitness and exercise, behavioral therapy, nutritional education
  • Intensive, focused treatment of co-morbid conditions such as diabetes/pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, infertility, heart disease and more
  • Designed to maintain and even increase metabolic rate through achievable lifestyle change
  • A team devoted to helping you succeed in losing weight and keeping it off
  • A community committed to health and living well
  • High referral rate from physicians and healthcare providers
  • Most major insurances, including Medicare, accepted
  • Our focus from Day 1 is your long-term weight loss success

What we don’t do:

  • We do not count points/calories; we teach scientific nutritional principles
  • We do not treat a number; we address the whole person
  • We do not focus on short-term quick fixes; we work towards long-term, sustainable results
  • We do not judge our patients; we advocate for them

How do I know if Transform Alliance for Health’s program is right for me?

Am I ready to:

  • Commit to mandatory 3 hour long weekly visits for 12 weeks?
  • Work with a weight loss team dedicated to my weight management goals?
  • Focus on long-term results rather than short-term quick fixes?
  • Open myself up to intensive reflection on my lifestyle, motivations, and goals?
  • Spend time during my week working on the ‘homework’ assignments from my behavioral class (at least 30 mins/week)?
  • Quit diet fads and commit to real lifestyle change under medical supervision?

At Transform Alliance for Health, we have a saying: Lighten the heart, and the body will follow. We believe in addressing our patients in the full spectrum of their humanity while caring for their bodies. If you share our vision of how healthcare should look like and would like to be part of our program, call us to schedule a free orientation.