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Is Rapid Weight Loss Good for Me?

Is Rapid Weight Loss Good for Me?

Worried about your weight? Talk to our team of medical professionals at Transform Alliance for Health in Newton, MA about rapid weight loss and its benefits. Call us today or visit us online to book an appointment.

Rapid Weight Loss Clinic Near Me in Newton, MA
Rapid Weight Loss Clinic Near Me in Newton, MA

Table of Contents:

How much is rapid weight loss effective?
What does it mean when you have rapid weight loss?
What are the signs of losing belly fat?

How much is rapid weight loss effective?

The majority of people wanting rapid weight loss will seek the unadvisable, “do-it-yourself” at-home methods, and it is usually to achieve a short-term goal, like wanting to look good for a planned vacation at the beach, or wanting to fit into a particular dress for an upcoming event. Most of the time this is an unsustainable method of weight loss, and when the diet is stopped, the weight returns rapidly. In fact, studies have shown that 25% to 50% of people who begin a rapid weight loss program on their own don’t complete the program. Rapid weight loss can be very effective, however, this is entirely dependent upon the method used to achieve it, and many methods come with some serious risks. But then again, so does obesity and being dangerously over-weight.

The truth is, aside from weight-loss surgery, there is only one truly effective and safe method of rapid weight loss recommended by health care professionals: a doctor-supervised, nutritionally balanced, very low-calorie diet (VLCD), coupled with adopting the right lifestyle, emotional/social and behavioral changes, along with learning about the reasons to lose weight, and the benefits of keeping it off. Intentional rapid weight loss is most effective when supervised and guided by a medical professional. Transform Alliance for Health is available to consult you on what options might be best to suit your objectives and needs.

What does it mean when you have rapid weight loss?

Intentional rapid weight loss is a doctor-supervised, nutritionally balanced, and lifestyle-changing experience. Unintentional, or unexplained rapid weight loss, on the other hand, is another issue entirely and may be signs of an underlying mild, or serious health condition. Seeking medical attention is very important if you or a family member has noticeable but unexplained weight loss.

If noticeable and rapid weight loss is not the result of excessive exercise, low-calorie diet or lifestyle changes, and amounts to the loss of 10 pounds or more over the course of six to twelve months, it is considered “unexplained” weight loss and could be a symptom of a myriad of conditions, including:

– Overactive or underactive thyroid gland – regulates metabolism, heart rate, and body temperature
– Crohn’s disease – inflammation of the bowels
– Heart failure
– Addison’s disease – adrenal glands under-produce enough cortisol and aldosterone
– Parkinson’s disease
– Peptic ulcer or ulcerative colitis
– Dental issues
– Depression/anxiety
– Celiac disease (gluten allergy)
– Diabetes
– Parasitic infection
– Drug or alcohol abuse
– Eating disorder
– Pancreatic swelling
– Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing)
– Dementia

To diagnose reasons for rapid, unexplained weight loss, a doctor will conduct a physical examination, and ask a series of questions to help determine if other tests are necessary, like blood work or ultrasound, or x-ray scanning.

What are the signs of losing belly fat?

Losing belly fat is certainly a goal for lots of people, and for many, it’s nothing more than a wish. But the fact is, losing belly fat can be a reality for anyone, as well as an incredibly positive and life-changing experience that can last a lifetime. One of the first signs that you are losing weight around the belly is clothes start to fit differently. You will also notice the scale is moving in the right direction, reduced puffiness in your skin, and feeling less bloated. You will begin to notice how everyday tasks that seemed like strenuous activities are now easier. If you previously had frequent cravings for sweets, you’ll notice those cravings become further apart, and may vanish entirely.

Losing belly fat leads to all-around feeling better, both physically and emotionally. For those who put in the effort and are passionate about achieving their goals, whether for rapid weight loss, weight management, or preventative care, Transform Alliance for Health in Newton, MA is passionate about helping you achieve those goals.

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